One Size fits all

A ring sling is a short woven wrap with two metal rings hemmed in one side. This is probably the favourite carrier for fathers! It's practical, easy too use, and simple to learn. It has a longer learning curve, but when you nail it, it becomes your best friend. It is also the favourite for new mom's and for toddler carrying! It respects both your body and your baby's and can be used from birth to toddler (3 to 15 Kg). It can be used in front, side and with practice on back carrying! Our ring slings are around 2 meters long. They are tested both in tensile, tear and seam strength and come from OEKO-TEX Class I (suitable from birth) cotton. We only use the Zig-zag pattern in our ring slings because it is the most cushy, grippy and comfortable pattern. It is definitely the perfect toddler ring sling and after some breaking in it becomes the most cuddly ring sling for a newborn. Take a look!