Collection: Homeland Travels: The journey of a lifetime!

Pattern: Moss Weave
Grm/m2: 340
Blend: 100% cotton OEKO-TEX class 1

Description: Brown, copper and clementine combined in a very eclectic wrap.

  • CARE

    Always wash your baby carrier before using it.

    The cotton yarn is exposed to various stages of production where it is stretched, twisted and rolled, giving origin to a tensioned wire; when buying a piece made of cotton, we are always buying a piece in tension.
    When placing the piece in the
     washing machine, the movements of the wash relax the fibers, leaving the piece in its natural size.
    Besides the tension to which the fabric is submitted in production, the daily use also modifies the internal conformation and the washing allows a return to the original physical memory of the fabric.


    Wash at the maximum at 40° with (preferable) liquid detergent without optical brightening agents. Never use fabric softener (the use of fabric softener decreases the longevity of the fabric and leaves your baby carrier unsafe). Dry in the shade: the sun burns the colors.


    The "Free Shipping" discount of the consultants is not applicable to accessories nor to discounted products

    Weavers Knots - You can sometimes find small weavers knots in your carriers. We work with old looms that use small yarn cones, to join the yarn a knot is required. This does not affect the use.

    Thread Shifting - The very open and airy pattern of our carriers can often be prone to the displacement of the weft in the warp. Avoid pushing the fabric, use the knots and not the fingertips in the adjustments. Do not use your teeth to secure your baby carrier. Spread the fabric well in the rings when using a Ring Sling. A good wash and ironing with a bath towel between the cloth and the iron can help the fibers to return to the origin.


    In case of doubt please contact us



    Ring Sling - 1,70m - 2,20 m
    Size 1 - 2,20 m
    Size 2 - 2,70 m
    Size 3 - 3,20 m
    Size 4 - 3,70 m
    Size 5 - 4,20 m
    Size 6 - 4,70 m
    Size 7 - 5,20 m
    Size 8 - 5,70 m