Bô-Scarf (Linen Scarf)

Bô-Scarf (Linen Scarf)


SIZE - 1,90x0,60 cm
grm2 -

MATERIAL - Cotton 50% Linen 50%

Pattern - Broken Twill


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    Weavers Knots - You can sometimes find small weavers knots in your accessories. We work with old looms that use small yarn cones, to join the yarn a knot is required. This does not affect the use.

    Thread Shifting - The very open and airy pattern of our textiles can often be prone to the displacement of the weft in the warp. Avoid pushing the fabric, use the knots and not the fingertips in the adjustments. A good wash and ironing with a bath towel between the cloth and the iron can help the fibres to return to the origin. DO NOT USE ACCESSORIES TO CARRY BABIES.


    In case of doubt please contact boslingsbabywearing@gmail.com