So, what's the difference?! What is jacquard and why is it so different from our regular wraps?!
The looms! We mainly use old looms with low-end technologies to make our standard wraps.
Jacquard is produced in big new advanced looms that can play with colours patterns and designs.
Well, to be honest, we can also use old looms to produce jacquard, but they are huge monsters hand-operated and really messy to workaround!!! We've decided to work with a European manufacturer we trust and that has been in the market for a few years: we trust their work, quality and certifications.

Our Cistus pattern is a design by Bô! Slings and is inspired by the Cistus Ladanifer flower that we love so much!
Hope you love this cushy 100% cotton jacquard with medium thickness in a timeless and bold combination of white, dark grey and silver shine!