When you have a stunning brand

new wrap and you just can’t resist...
I wanted to try it, even in my pj’s
and with a messy wrap job...
and it’s A M A Z I N G!!!!
Isn’t it?


Wrap: Taste de Rainbow from @boslingsbabywearing

Good news for our SPANISH clients!!

Now we have special prices and faster delivery to Spain!!
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If you are team #onecarrierforlife or #havetotrythemall this is your brand.

Bô! Slings is a Portuguese brand of wraps, ring slings, and accessories. We use Oeko-Tex Class I cotton to give you rustic, timeless, elegant and above all strong carriers to make your baby-carrying journey unforgettable. If you want only one carrier for your baby-carrying experience, that suits you from squish to toddler, or if you have tried them all and still feel you haven't found "the one" just try a Bô! Slings. When carrying the most beautiful and precious thing in the world in your arms do it with a humble carrier.



And why choose Bô! Slings baby carriers

Babywearing is keeping your baby close and connected to you while performing your daily activities through the use of a baby carrier. It is a traditional practice in many cultures and it brings many benefits to children and caregivers. Babywearing promotes bonding, supports breastfeeding, and can help fight postpartum depression. It can be practised by those who take care of a newborn, baby or child.



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